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Industrial Training International May 14, 2018 2:32:30 PM < 1 min read

Synthetic Sling Inspection [Video]

Need a quick overview on the proper inspection of a synthetic sling? How about a just a quick refresher for your team? Never fear, ITI is here to help you out! Follow along with ITI Co-Founder and Technical Director, Mike Parnell.


*Guaranteed to be the best six and half minute synthetic sling inspection video you watch today!






Ready for that video?




Additional Resources

Pretty good stuff right? Since we are in a giving mood, here is one more free resource for you, ITI's Sling Protection E-Book: Sling Protection: Synthetic Slings in One Hand, Sling Protection in the Other. Click the icon below to learn more and to download!

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ITI offers a three day Rigging Gear Inspector Level I & II Course at nine Training Centers in North America and at client locations upon request. To learn more visit or call 800.727.6355 to speak with a Training Solutions Advisor. 



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