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Judy Chenoweth Jul 7, 2017 8:54:18 AM 1 min read

Will Your Rigging Pass Inspection?

Will Your Rigging Pass Inspection?

A few questions for the rigger to ponder:

  • Do you go to bed at night with complete certainty that the rigging gear and hardware used at your site will pass inspection?
  • Is a daily inspection being conducted for damage or defects?
  • Do you know the removal criteria for wire rope, synthetics, alloy chain, roundslings and hardware?

If the answer is "No," to any of the questions above, let ITI help you with having peace of mind that, as a company, you have put forth the effort to ensure your rigging is in good working order and able to pass inspection. Knowing how to inspect rigging also helps in determining how the rigging was damaged. This knowledge reduces the likelihood of repeat issues and reduces replacement cost of purchasing new rigging.

ITI Technical Services Team offers consulting services, in which an ITI Consultant, with several years of experience in inspection, application and training, will conduct an on-site audit or performance evaluation. Then, provide a summary of findings and recommended actions based on their findings. The Consultant will also evaluate the application of the rigging and personally conduct on-site interviews with employees and management to determine solutions and offer industry product lines that may be more efficient.


Let ITI Field Services help you sleep at night knowing that your priority is safety and ensuring that at the end of the day, everyone will go home! To learn more about ITI Field Services visit or call 800.727.6355. Click here to request a quote for a crane and rigging audit at your location.