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NCCCO Written Exam for Rigger Level II

Written Exam
A Certified Rigger Level II can select rigging components and procedures based on rigging capacity.

The CCO Certified Rigger Level II Written Examination tests the following knowledge areas relating to rigging: Scope of the Rigging Activity, Planning the Rigging Activity, Selection of Rigging Components, Technical Knowledge, Inspection, Execution of Rigging Activity.

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Exam Domains

Domain: Scope of the Rigging Activity
(Approximately 15% of test)

Domain: Planning the Rigging Activity
(Approximately 15% of test)

Domain: Selection of Rigging Components
(Approximately 34% of test)

Domain: Technical Knowledge
(Approximately 13% of test)

Domain: Inspection
(Approximately 10% of test)

Domain: Execution of Rigging Activity
(Approximately 13% of test)

PPE Information

The following PPE is required for all hands-on sessions at ITI Training Centers:

  • OSHA-approved hard hat*
  • Eye protection*
  • Long pants with no holes or tears
  • Low-heeled work boots or work shoes
  • Full-fingered work gloves*
  • OSHA-approved safety vest*

*ITI Training Centers will make these PPE items available for all enrolled students. Students are responsible for their own appropriate garments and footwear.


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Daily Training Schedule

*Prep Course


Day 1 - Classroom Test Prep. Instructor led exploration of exam domains. Live Q&A as required.

Day 2 - CCO Rigger Level II Written Exam is administered.

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