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Tower Crane Operator - Certification Prep & Exams

5 Days
Certification Prep
4.0 CEUs
Test Prep courses prepare the student for tower crane, signal person and rigger written and practical examination

ITI Tower Crane Training is carried out by partner, Morrow Equipment, at their state of the art training center in Salem, Oregon. Courses include management, safety & inspection, technician, and operator certification through NCCCO.

Morrow is the exclusive distributor of Liebherr manufactured tower cranes in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.




Overhead Crane Operator - Certification

Written Exam Outline

The NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator written certification exam tests the following knowledge areas relating to the operation of overhead cranes:

Pre-Operational Activities

Approximately 27% of the exam.

Work Requirements

Approximately 27% of the exam.

Load Handling Approximately 27% of the exam.
Shutdown & Secure Approximately 4% of the exam.
Technical Knowledge Approximately 15% of the exam.

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Overhead Crane Operator - Certification

Daily Training Schedule*

*At ITI Training Centers

Test Prep

Day 1

Classroom only sessions that include; training, sample exams, and load chart exercises


Day 2

Candidates perform the hands-on practical and written exams

Master Rigger

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Words of wisdom from former students who've completed the Master Rigger Course at ITI


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