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Mobile Crane Operator

5 Days
Crane Operation
Qualification Available
4.0 CEUs
The ITI Mobile Crane Operator Course is designed to increase the crane operator's knowledge, skill and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training.

Students can achieve qualified operator status by successfully completing written and hands-on assessments. ITI Qualification is available for Fixed and Swing Cab. Additional fees may apply.

Candidates for the mobile crane operator course are individuals who wish to be apprentices in crane handling, crane maintenance personnel, and current operators who have been trained by "field practices," but not yet exposed to the formal side of crane subjects. This course is also excellent for supervisory persons and lift directors who did not rise through the trades in the seat of a crane.



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Mobile Crane Operator

Course Outline

Module 1 Technical Knowledge
Module 2 Load Charts
Module 3 Site and Crane Setup
Module 4 Operations
Stand Alone Modules
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Operation Near Power Lines
  • Ground Conditions
  • Operator Aids and Temporary Alternative Methods

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Mobile Crane Operator

Daily Training Schedule

Each participant will receive a Mobile Crane Operator Student Workbook, Mobile Crane Operator Course Book, Mobile Crane Operator Field Reference Card, ITI Load Chart Book, and Load Chart Capacity Checklist.

Day 1-3 -  Classroom based sessions and operator seat time
Day 4 - Practice exams and additional seat time
Day 5 - Written and Practical Exams

Mobile Crane Operator


Student Testimonials

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