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Mobile Crane Operator - Skills Building

5 Days
Crane Operations
4.0 CEUs
The ITI Mobile Crane Operator - Skills Building course is designed for those who have little or even zero experience with mobile crane operation.

This course is designed for those who have little or no experience with mobile crane operation. The course helps establish good operating practices for the participant while gaining seat-time and real-life operating experience. Participants will conduct pre-operational inspections of hydraulic cranes. Each will be given individual instruction regarding crane operating basics and will gain seat-time while handling an empty and loaded hook, as well as seat time on a Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator.

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Houston | August 19

Course Outline

  • Center of Gravity
  • Radius
  • Rated Strength
  • Load Chart Introduction
  • Stability
  • Load Weight Calculations
  • Outrigger Position
  • Crane Setup
  • OSHA & ASME Standards
  • Operator's Responsibility
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Daily Inspection
  • Boom Length & Angle


Upon Completion

Each student that completes the full 5-day course will receive 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), as well as a certificate of completion.All ITI Training Center Open Enrollment Students will receive the following student materials:

  • Mobile Crane Operator Student Workbook
  • Mobile Crane Operator Course Book
  • Mobile Crane Operator Field Reference Card
  • ITI Load Chart Book
  • Load Chart Capacity Checklist

PPE Information

The following PPE is required for all hands-on sessions at ITI Training Centers:

  • OSHA-approved hard hat*
  • Eye protection*
  • Long pants with no holes or tears
  • Low-heeled work boots or work shoes
  • Full-fingered work gloves*
  • OSHA-approved safety vest*

*ITI Training Centers will make these PPE items available for all enrolled students. Students are responsible for their own appropriate garments and footwear.

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Mobile Crane Operator - Skills Building

Daily Training Schedule

Each participant will receive a Mobile Crane Operator Student Workbook, Mobile Crane Operator Course Book, Mobile Crane Operator Field Reference Card, ITI Load Chart Book, and a Load Chart Capacity Checklist.

Day 1

Primarily classroom based. Course subjects are introduced, expanded on, and tied to real world examples and case studies.

Days 2-5
 Mix of classroom and hands-on practical time.

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