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Forklift Inspector

Forklift Inspector

1 Day
Equipment Inspection
Qualification Available
0.8 CEUs
Designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skill necessary to inspect and evaluate the condition of the forklift as required by OSHA 1910.178, ASME B56.6, and current industry standards

Course Subjects

  • Identify safety procedures and equipment needed to do inspections
  • Determine the inspection and record keeping requirements for forklifts
  • Identify the different types of forklifts and recognize each forklift component as necessary for inspection procedures
  • Locate, identify, and inspect the forklift’s structural components
  • Locate, identify, and inspect the forklift’s mechanical systems
  • Locate, identify, and inspect the forklift’s electrical, hydraulic and air systems as applicable
  • Locate, identify, and inspect the forklift’s safety items
  • Perform an inspection of a forklift





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Forklift Inspector

Daily Training Schedule

Participants completing the program will receive qualification that is valid for 3 years.

Day 1 Mix of classroom and hands-on practical work

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