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Bull RIgging with Chain Hoist Large

Bull Rigging with Chain Hoists

2 Days
Rigging Applications
Qualification Available
1.6 CEUs
Comprehensive rigging applications training course for those with experience (2+ years) to crane and rigging operations

The ITI Bull Rigging with Chain Hoists Program is an intermediate to advanced course which focuses on planning for and utilization of chain hoists and other similar devices to drift, upright and turn loads. At least half of this course involves hands-on activities moving loads into and out of an engineered structure, vertically through hatchways and through various other openings.



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Course Subjects & Learning Objectives

RIGGING SELECTION Become familiar with basic rigging terms, rigging gear identification and be able to determine the best hitch and rigging gear necessary for lifting various types of loads.
RIGGING USE & INSPECTION Determine proper hook loading and the removal criteria for the rigging equipment used within their facility.
LOAD WEIGHT ESTIMATION Learn techniques and formulas to estimate the weight of a load.
Center of Gravity Learn techniques and formulas for estimating  the load’s center of gravity.
Load Distribution Determine load distribution on various lifting systems using the Master Rigger’s Reference Card.
Sling Tension Calculate the tension in the slings and rigging hardware when rigging a load using single or multiple leg assemblies.
Load Control Determine the best hitch type and rigging gear necessary for lifting various types of loads.
Signals & Tag Lines Recognize proper crane and rigging procedures as they relate to taglines, signaling, and avoidance of pinch points resulting in immediate risk to personnel.
Chain Fall & Load Drifting Determine tensions introduced to chain falls and come-a-longs during drifting activities.
Load Turning Determine the transfer of weight during different methods of load turning.
Levers, Jacking, & Rolling Determine load to winches, jacks, rollers, and floors during special load handling activities which require moving the load horizontally.
Winches & Blocks Determine the load to rigging blocks and the mechanical advantage necessary to move a load vertically or horizontally.
Off-level Pick Points Calculate sling tensions for off-level pick points using the Master Rigger’s Reference Card.
Accident Case Study Recognize and understand the elements which can contribute to a rigging accident.

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Daily Training Schedule

Each participant will receive a course workbook, Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Card, Master Rigger’s Reference Card, Journeyman Rigger’s Reference Card, Horizontal Rigging Reference Card and a Length: Height: Run Reference Card. 

Day 1 - Primarily classroom based. Course subjects are introduced, expanded on, and tied to real world examples and case studies.
Day 2 - Mix of classroom and hands-on practical time.
Day 3 - Mix of classroom and hands-on practical time.
Day 4 - Mix of classroom and hands-on practical activities. Students work in small groups (3-4  per team), putting together learning objectives from days 1-3 in a "Rigging Rodeo."


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