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Qualified Sling Fabricator

1-3 Days
Rigging Specialty
Qualification Available
0.8-2.4 CEUs

As a member of AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators), ITI has conducted this course for dozens of its members, assisting them in establishing their procedures, documentation, and quality assurance while qualifying their fabricators

The ITI Qualified Fabricator Course consists of theoretical and hands-on instruction followed by fabricator qualification.

This course ranges from 1-3 days based on the learning objectives of the client and the items that they fabricate. Classroom instruction, procedures and documentation are followed by hands-on demonstration and training. Written and practical exams are administered to qualify fabricators. 



Qualified Sling Fabricator

Course Subjects & Learning Objectives*

*Course subjects can be included or excluded according to customer needs and/or equipment availability

Wire Rope Slings: Hand Splice
Wire Rope Slings: Mechanical Splice
Wire Rope Socketing: Zinc/Resin
Alloy Chain Slings: Welded
Alloy Chain Slings: Mechanical Assembly The trainee will be familiar with the testing requirements of rigging gear according to the guidelines established by recognized industry standards.
Synthetic Web Slings: Flat & Round
Fiber Rope Slings: Hand Splice
Metal Mesh Slings
Proof/Pull Testing
Federal, State/Provincial Regulations & Standards

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Basic Rigging & Inspection

Daily Training Schedule

Each participant will receive a Basic Rigging & Inspection Student Workbook, Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card, Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Card

Day 1 - Primarily classroom based sessions with interactive workshops and demonstrations.

Basic Rigging & Inspection

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