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Rigging Gear Inspector Level III

3 Days
Rigging Inspection
Qualification Available
2.4 CEUs
Designed for those who have attained a Level II Rigging Gear Inspector Qualification from ITI (through training + field experience)

The ITI Rigging Gear Inspector Course includes classroom sessions and multiple hands-on inspection activities. Participants learn the removal criteria for wire rope, wire rope slings, synthetic web and round slings, chain slings, rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices according to the applicable federal and provincial regulations as well as ASME standards.

Anyone who performs rigging inspection for an employer as an assigned task such as a tool room check-out/in team member, or a supervisor who is responsible for the quality of rigging gear in a facility. Also, crane maintenance personnel who inspect running and standing ropes, sheaves, drums and associated equipment during monthly and annual equipment reviews.



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Course Subjects & Learning Objectives

Wire Rope Removal criteria and hands-on inspection of new and damaged samples of wire rope are covered.
Wire Rope Slings Removal criteria and hands-on inspection of new and damaged samples of wire rope slings are covered.
Synthetic Web Slings and Roundslings Removal criteria and hands-on inspection of new and damaged samples of synthetic slings are covered.
Alloy Chain Slings Removal criteria and hands-on inspection of new and damaged samples of alloy chain slings are covered.
Rigging Hardware and BTHLDs Removal criteria and hands-on inspection of new and damaged samples of rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices are covered.
Hands-On Inspection Forms Hands-on inspection best practices and introduction of inspection form and proper documentation are covered.
Supplemental Resources Smorgasbord of inspection resources are introduced.
Regulations and ASME Standards Applicable federal, state/provincial regulations, and OHSA/ASME standards are covered in regards to rejection criteria.

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Rigging Gear Inspector Level I/II

Daily Training Schedule

Each participant will receive a Rigging Gear Inspector Resource Manual, Rigging Gear Inspector Tool Pack, Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card, Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Card, Rigging Gear Inspection Form(s), and Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Notebook.

Day 1 - Primarily classroom based sessions with the focus primarily on Wire Rope
Day 2 - Mix of classroom and hands-on practical time. Subjects covered include - Wire Rope SlingsSynthetic Web Slings, and Synthetic Round Slings
Day 3 - Mix of classroom and hands-on practical time. Subjects covered include - Alloy Chain SlingsRigging Hardware, and Below-the-hook lifting devices

Rigging Gear Inspector


Student Testimonials

Words of wisdom from former students who've completed the Master Rigger Course at ITI

“As the media reminds us of the high rates of accidents occurring to operators and riggers, we at Cianbro Companies strive to provide our employees with the skills and knowledge of how to prevent an accident. In the past our company has received Master Rigging Training from Industrial Training International. They offer a hands-on approach by providing rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures and load control using almost any vertical or horizontal rigging system. The classroom teaching techniques and hands-on learning exercises that we have received from the Industrial Training International group has guided our company in creating our own successful in house rigging training program. The Industrial Training International crew and facilities are truly a world class group, solely dedicated to educating and improving the crane and rigging world.”

The late George ArsenaultFormer Rigging Training Coordinator, Cianbro Companies

“After attending ITI’s Master Rigger training course back in 2006 we knew that the Boilermakers had found the absolute direction in which we should take our rigging training - hands-on, action-packed, and engaging. ITI has since trained-up dozens of Boilermakers, is assisting in the implementation and design of the Local 146 Training Centre, and we are utilizing ITI’s rigging training program - tailoring it specifically for Boilermaker-related rigging. We anticipate using ITI’s program for years to come for our members across Canada...”

Grant JacobsDirector of National Training, Boilermakers National Training Trust

“I would like to let you know about the Master Rigging Training course that I attended in January.  It was by far the best course I’ve taken in my professional career. I learned more about rigging overall as well as specific details about questions I had about rigging than I could have imagined. One of the aspects of this course that I feel made it so effective was the hands-on portions of each day. It was a combination of learning the technical aspects as well as gaining “real world” experience in one fell swoop. Les was a great instructor and I believe that he only made the course better by both being able to explain the why, as well show the how, when it came to any question or challenge about rigging that arose throughout the week. I look forward to taking more classes through ITI and have the utmost confidence that they will be as beneficial as the Master Rigger course.”

Rob MillerCSP, OHST, Ameren Services

“The Master Rigger course is the best course I've taken yet in crane and rigging fundamentals. Jim Cox, ITI's Instructor for the course, was as good as it gets for teaching this material. I'm looking forward to my next course at ITI.”

David JohnsonSmithAmundsen

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