Crane Assembly & Disassembly Director
1.6 CEU | 2 Days | $1,095

The A/D (Mobile Crane) Course addresses the assembly and disassembly of lattice boom cranes as required by 29CFR1926.1400. As a supplement to this course, ITI also involves participants in the A/D work related to jibs and boom extensions for hydraulic, telescoping type cranes. 

This course is a blend of classroom and hands-on activities. Addressed in the classroom are the manufacturer's warnings, prohibitions, cautions and hazards, the OSHA A/D regulations, the recommended corporate A/D procedures and the step-by-step assembly and disassembly instructions necessary for a crew to perform the erection or dismantling of a lattice boom. The participants work in teams to perform A/D work during the hands-on sessions by reviewing the A/D field instructions, conduct a pre-job briefing addressing the hazards, tasks and sequence of events, followed by actual A/D activities. A post-job review and inspection will be conducted to ensure all required steps have been accomplished for the activity.

Course Subjects
  • Components & Configuration of Mobile Cranes
  • Lattice Boom A/D
  • Boom Extension & Jib A/D (best practices)
  • Manufacturer's Prohibitions, Warnings, & Instructions
  • Recommended Corporate Guidelines
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400 Assembly/Disassembly Director
  • Applicable federal, state and/or provincial regulation and ASME standards

Hands-On Session

Over 50% of the course involves assembly and/or disassembly sessions that focus first on lattice boom cranes and secondly on hydraulic cranes with jibs or boom extensions.

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