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Increase productivity and efficiency between dispatch, operations, safety and training.

ITI + Fleet Cost & Care Integration

What does it do?

  • Reduce data entry and duplication
  • Reduce employee downtime
  • Automate learning and certification assignments
  • Prove training and qualifications to customers inside FCC, the second they are completed (with over 2,000 learning titles to choose from ITI, JJ Keller, ClickSafety and More


  • FCC User creates ITI Learner automatically
  • Learner Transcript and new Course Completions auto-sync to the FCC Employee Record, in real-time
  • Learner PDF Certificates are viewable on the FCC Employee Record

Who Benefits?

  • Safety & Training Managers
  • FCC Administrators
  • ITI Learning Hub Administrators
  • Employees (Learners & Atom Users)
  • Project Managers & Superintendents 

How else might this benefit your employees and operation?

  • FCC Atom Users quick launch to ITI Learning Hub to complete training assignments
  • On an Employee Record, an FCC Admin can click into the ITI Learner Record to assign a new Course or Learning Path

Learn more about the integration in this Knowledge Base article in ITI Customer Help Center.

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