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Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering

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David Duerr, PE

Owner, 2DM Associates

Houston, Texas, USA | Citizenship: United States of America | LinkedIn Profile

  • Author, Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry Systems and Mobile Crane Support Handbook
  • Member, ASME B30 (Crane & Rigging  Standard)

Mr. Duerr gained a BS in Architectual Engineering in 1975 at Pratt Institute and a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston in 1985. After lead engineering positions with McDermott International, Williams Crane & Rigging, and Hoffman International, Mr. Duerr began his rigging engineering consulting practice in 1987.

With over 40 years of experience in design engineering and heavy construction, Mr. Duerr has an extensive background in the conceptual development and design of specialized lifting, rigging, and hauling equipment and in crane and rigging operations and applications.  Mr. Duerr has design and/or analysis experience on cranes and derricks, hydraulic gantry systems, below-the-hook lifting devices, hauling equipment, concrete and steel bridges, and marine structures.  

He has strong knowledge of the naval architectural requirements for the transportation of heavy-lift cargo.  He has job site experience on nuclear, fossil and hydroelectric power plants, refineries, shipping facilities, manufacturing plants, and offshore platforms. Mr. Duerr provides service as an expert witness in the investigation of lifting, rigging, and specialized transportation accidents. He has authored or coauthored over 40 papers, articles, and books on structural engineering, heavy lifting, and heavy hauling methods.

Mr. Duerr Provides Instruction in the Following Courses:

  • RE-120 Crane & Derrick Engineering, Installation & Planning
  • RE-130 Rigging & Load Handling Equipment Engineering & Applications
  • RE-140 Alternative Load Handling Equipment Engineering & Applications