Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering

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Jim Wiethorn, PE

Principal Engineer & Chairman, Haag Engineering

Houston, Texas, USA | Citizenship: USA | LinkedIn Profile

  • Member, ASME B30 Cranes & Rigging Main Committee
  • Author, Crane Accidents: Causes & Trends
  • Engineering Advisory Board, University of Texas

Mr. Wiethorn is an exceptionally well-regarded engineer and forensic specialist who leads Haag Engineering, a world-leading provider of crane and rigging accident investigations.  Mr. Wiethorn has conducted over 800 accident investigations, 500 of which that occured between 1983 and 2013 (those which are closed cases) were surveyed with immense statistical analysis in Wiethorn's book, Crane Accidents: Causes & Trends. The findings of Haag's Crane Group, which Mr. Wiethron leads, are used to enable crane owners, users, manufacturers and standards committees to address problematic areas so that future risks can be reduced.

Mr. Wiethorn Provides Instruction in the following Course:

  • RE-150 Lift Planning Procedure Considerations & Execution