Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering

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Richard Krabbendam

Heavy Lift Specialist, Krabbendam Advise Service

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Citizenship: The Netherlands | LinkedIn Profile

  • Heavy Lift Specialist, Jumbo Offshore
  • Heavy Lift Specialist, Van Seumeren Holland BV
  • Founder & Director, International Transport & Rigging Engineering Consultants

Mr. Krabbendam is regarded as a world-leading heavy lift and transport expert characterized by an incredible career with the likes of Van Seumeren, ITREC, Jumbo Shipping, and others.  Since 2011, Mr. Krabbendam has been offering Heavy Transport & Lifting seminars focused on land-based activities.

Mr. Krabbendam has authored nearly 50 articles on heavy transport and lifting for publications like International Cranes and Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding.  

Mr. Krabbendam Provides Curriculum Design and Development in the Following Courses:

  • RE-160 Specialized Transport Planning & Engineering Considerations