NYC Lift Director Supplement

Local Rules & Considerations

NYC Lift Director Supplement: Local Rules & Considerations
0.4 CEUs | .5 Days | $450

The NYC rule RCNY 3319-02 adopted April 14, 2017 by the Department of Buildings (DOB) of NYC mandates that a lift director be present at a construction site while a crane or derrick is performing certain tasks, and identified the responsibilities for the lift director. The requirements defined by the DOB for a Lift Director in NYC are more stringent than those of ASME or OSHA, and there are also additional requirements regarding the use of cranes in NYC such as those outlined in RCNY 3319-01 as well as other NYC DOB Rules and the 2014 Building Code. 

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the DOB imposing violations and fines up to $25,000, and/or Cease-Use-Order for the equipment or Stop-Work-Order for the construction site which result in costly losses of productivity. The supplement gives a comprehensive description and explanation of the local regulations and requirements for Lift Directors in NYC.


  • Lift Director special duties and responsibilities in NYC vs. ASME & OSHA
  • NYC Crane & Rigging additional regulations
  • NYC operating environment particularities and potential challenges
  • Setting up, operating a mobile crane/tower crane/derrick in NYC


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