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Mobile Crane Load Charts Quiz

  1. Except for test purposes, no crane shall be loaded beyond the specifications of the _____.
a. AWS D1.14
b. Certificate of conformance
c. Crane's repair manual
d. Load rating chart
2. The crane is set up to lift a load with a boom length at 78' at a working radius of 49'. Which gross capacity value should the operator limit the lift based on the load rating chart?
  Boom Length in Feet  
Radius in Feet 75 92 104  
45 49,600 46,800 43,100  
50 46,700 47,300 42,900  
55 44,800 45,600 41,400  


a. 49,600
b. 46,700
c. 47,300
d. 46,800
3. A "list" load rating chart must be provided by the crane manufacturer when a crawler crane is working _______ .
a. On a barge
b. In a mining pit
c. With another crane performing a two-crane lift
d. In a unimproved field while loading a semi-truck




1. D   2. B 3. A