Online Mobile Crane Operator Certification Test Prep
Online & On-Demand | 60 Days | $495

To assist crane operators that need to comply with the newly revised OSHA 1926.1400 regulations, which requires crane operators working in construction or performing construction-related activities to be certified through a nationally accredited agency, ITI offers an Online Mobile Crane Operator Certification Test Prep Course. 

This program is designed to prepare participants to take the general and crane-specific exams for national accredited agencies.

Course Contents
  • General Crane Knowledge
    • Technical Information
    • Load Chart Components
    • Crane Site and Setup
    • Operations
    • Practice Exams
  • Specialty Crane Load Chart Review and Exercises
    • Lattice Boom Truck
    • Lattice Boom Crawler
    • Telescopic Fixed Cab
    • Telescopic Swing Cab
  • Course Access: 60 Days
  • Watch lectures of ITI instructors as they walk you through the lesson plan
  • Interactive lessons
  • Exercises, quizzes and practice exams to check your knowledge






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