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Send employees in groups of 1-4, a few times conveniently throughout the year, to open enrollment courses at one of nine ITI Training Centers in North America, or get your whole team taken care of all at once with a client site training course.

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What is your team doing well right now? What skills or knowledge gaps exist? The ITI Team can help you idenify both!


What real ITI Students really had to say about their training experience
I really enjoyed the advanced rigging class. I have to say it really tightened my game up. I knew there were some things that were close to being in the red area, but now I have the tools to be able to stand by my calculations of weights, finding sling angle, using charts for correct rigging and just being able to stand my ground when the rigging doesn't look right. Thank you!
Hobert C., Southern Company
The visual aids were great and helped with understanding the concepts. The interaction that Devon had with the presentations was excellent and his knowledge and experience was great. There was a lot of time spent on the second day on wire ropes. Overall, a great experience with this course!
Cory B., Handling Engineer, Orbital ATK
My name is Ken Parkes and I just attended your Master Rigger Course in Nisku. This was the best course I've attended. I am a superintendent for Bantrel Constructors and have been put through quite a few training sessions over the last 20 years. I have never encountered an instructor who had so much passion for the material he covered. His knowledge of the material was just as impressive. The man had excellent patience while educating the group and made it fun and involved everyone equally. I was worried that this would be another dry and boring seminar, but realized that when someone instructing has such enthusiasm it truly does affect everyone. Richard Marcotte is the best instructor I've encountered and I look forward to having him teach further courses my union hall sends our members to.
Ken Parkes, Superintendent, Bantrel Constructors

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