Really have enjoyed the level 1-3 Inspectors courses

jim cox, Bob Schumacher November 12, 2012
Both Bob (Schumacher) and Jim (Cox) are excellent instructors. I have learned a wealth of knowledge to bring back to my work place. Hope to continue taking part in some of the ITI courses.
Kevin Duffy, National Defence, Canada

"The best rigging and crane class I've ever taken"

Bob Schumacher, RK Mechanical January 3, 2011

Great class!  I really needed to learn more about the math and formulas involved [in rigging applications].  By far this is the best rigging and crane class I've ever taken.  Lot's of useful information.

RK Mechanical

Mobile Crane Operator Training Testimonial from The Boeing Company

Bob Schumacher, The Boeing Company November 3, 2010

I think this mobile crane operator training course is the most needed. I'm very glad to have gone through it. Bob did very well. I'm leaving this class with much improved load chart confidence. Thank you for that!

Kirt W. Jones
The Boeing Company

Memo of "Great Crane & Rigging Training" to Employees

Bob Schumacher, Dwight Henson, rigging training, crane training, mike parnell, lift director training, rigging training testimonial, crane training testimonial June 30, 2010
[Forrest's Memo to Hawaiian Dredging Employees]

Last week Gordon Caughman, Macy Wessel and I attended crane training at the ITI (Industrial Training International) facility in Woodland Washington. The training/certifications we completed are to satisfy emerging OSHA/ASME standards that will become industry requirements in the near future (early 2011).

Specifically we:

  • Completed ‘Lift Director/Site Supervisor' training course
  • Completed ‘Critical Lift Planning' training course
  • Completed ‘Advanced Rigger Certification' exam

Next Step:

  • Macy and I should participate in the ‘Master Rigger' program. In 1 week we will be able to gain experience in a wide range of lifting scenarios using many types of equipment (standard rigging, jacks, Hillmans, air beams, etc..). This is NOT a bunch of paperwork, rather a very practical experience that should better prepare us to develop lift plans and evaluate work practices.
  • We need to make sure enough ‘Advanced Riggers' are available on site. In the future lifts will need to be supervised by people with this qualification - something Joaquin can expand upon better than I. The P&I division probably needs 2 additional people with this certification.

Thoughts on the Training Program:

  • I was VERY impressed with ITI's facility and course materials. The problem solving portion of the ‘Advanced Rigger Certification' material is some of the best I have seen. The facility has almost every technology you can imagine available for use and training. The practical problem solving exercises are very educational and well thought out.
  • I can easily recommend a continuing relationship with ITI for our training.

Forrest Ramey
Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company



We were VERY impressed with the training program, specifically:

  • The facility is awesome, it is great to have all that gear in one place to play with. It's got everything; air beams, Hillmans, you name it!
  • All your personnel were great to deal with. The instructors we had (Dwight and Bob) were great in the classroom and in the field.

We really appreciate the help and hope to see you guys again soon.


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