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Testimonials about ITI

The (Rigging Engineering) Program is perfect for riggers, crane operators...

All My Operators Need To Get On This Simulator

I Was Really Blown Away

Really Tightened My Game Up

I Have Never Been Disappointed

A Great Experience

I have never encountered an instructor who had so much passion for the material he covered

You guys are saving lives

Richard was Awesome

The Guys Loved the Training

I would recommend to anybody who works with a crane

The Khan Academy of Rigging Mathematics

I Actually Wanted to Learn

The Best Course I've Taken

One of the best crane classes I have been in

Excellent Job!

At the Top of the List

Enjoyed the Content, Created Good Discussion

Excellent Instructor with Great Knowledge

Informative, Knowledgeable, and Comfortable

We Could Not Have had a Better Leader

"Excellent!" Rigging Training for NOAA

I Really Appreciated Your Style of Training

The Instructor's Level of Knowledge, Motivation and Ability to Engage Students Were All Extremely High

US Coast Guard Continues to be Impressed with ITI after 20 Years of Service

Canadian Boilermakers Rigging Training Thrive with ITI

Agrium Embraces ITI Canada Rigging Training

1st Time any Training Course has been Viewed Positively by Management

After 24 years of working in the field, I had no clue there was a science to it…

I learned a great deal more than I expected to

Really have enjoyed the level 1-3 Inspectors courses

Devon's experience and knowledge of rigging gear is outstanding

Jim Cox is a great instructor

Jim Cox is a great instructor

I am always eager to attend an ITI training opportunity

Devon is a great instructor

The Best Rigging Training I've ever Received!


Jim Cox is an Excellent Instructor

Didn't Want ITI Course to End

Devon Beasley's Field Knowledge is Unmatched

Devon Beasley is a Great Instructor

ITI Instructor Always Brings a Great Attitude

Devon Beasley is a Wealth of Knowledge

The crane & rigging program is invaluable in the power line industry

Great Crane and Rigging Training at Boeing

Congratulations Jim… I can see why you received the award

The Best Course I'veTaken in Crane and Rigging

US Navy Appreciates ITI Rigging Training

Tons of needed information!

Classroom + Hands-On Rigging = Great Training

"The best rigging and crane class I've ever taken"

Master Rigger Course Feedback for ITI Instructor Jim Cox

Mobile Crane Operator Training Testimonial from The Boeing Company

The Importance of Formal Crane & Rigging Training

PCL Enjoys Rigging Training on Lift Planning

Russ "a Great Instructor"

40-60% Hands-On Crane & Rigging Training

I Can Easily Recommend ITI for our Crane & Rigging Training

Kind Words from a Great Man

Best Training In My 35-Year Career

Memo of "Great Crane & Rigging Training" to Employees

Every Single Employee has Enjoyed the Rigging Training

Great Rigging Training for our Crew!

Great Feedback from Rigging Gear Inspector Training

Great Rigging Training for our Crew!

The Most Impressive Crane & Rigging Training Facilities Ever

Crane & Rigging Training Anonymous Testimonials