Best Training In My 35-Year Career

Excellent field trip.  This course is particularly standard/regulation loaded curriculum and is difficult to teach in a compressed 3-4 day schedule.  ITI and in particular the instructor Jim Cox has superlatively organized the course themes into a very understandable and user-friendly way  educational experience and the strong point is the very successful way student/teacher interchange.   Excellent preparation, course material, and instructor delivery.

I have been to a huge amount of technical training over my 35+ year career and I must enthusiastically say that this course is one of the very best I have attended.  Superlative organization and instructor/student interchange.  Extremely professional and very capable instructor Jim Cox, who has a very positive connection to the students.  Excellent job Jim!!  Thanks ITI!!

Dean Faina – SSA International - July 16, 2010

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