The (Rigging Engineering) Program is perfect for riggers, crane operators...

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering, mike parnell, ITI Online, Education August 29, 2019


Much appreciation to Mike and the ITI team for development and administration of the Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering program. The Program is perfect for riggers, crane operators, and all construction professionals who want to add depth and breadth to their ability to work in today’s lifting and heavy transportation industry. The course content was presented in a practical and interesting way by industry experts. In addition, the books, reference cards, and other handout materials provide an important source of reference for addition to the rigging professional’s library. Finally, the on-line nature of the program made it convenient to study at my own pace and as my schedule permitted.


Steve C. 
Construction Manager 


All My Operators Need To Get On This Simulator

VR Mobile Crane Simulator, VR Training, Woodland Training Center March 29, 2017

I oversee 30-50 operators at any given time depending on how many jobs we have going. All I have to say is that all my operators need to get on this simulator. If they can pass the modules I tried, I have no doubt in my mind that they can do the job. I have been doing this a long time, and the VR Simulator is the most realistic simulator I have ever seen.


Terry B., 20 year operator

I Was Really Blown Away

VR Mobile Crane Simulator, VR Training, Woodland Training Center March 29, 2017

I didn't really expect much when I got talked into trying out ITI's VR Crane Simulator. I have tried other crane simulators in the past and my take away was always that the experience wasn't real enough to really be valuable. I have to say that I was really blown away by the ITI VR Simulator. I tried the Motion Base unit at the training center in Woodland, WA, and the thing I was really impressed with was the realism of the physics and intricacies. It was like I was really operating an RT.


Bobby T., 25 year operator

Really Tightened My Game Up

load weight estimation, Advanced Rigging Training, Sling Tension, Richard Marcotte January 3, 2017

I really enjoyed the advanced rigging class. I have to say it really tightened my game up. I knew there were some things that were close to being in the red area, but now I have the tools to be able to stand by my calculations of weights, finding sling angle, using charts for correct rigging and just being able to stand my ground when the rigging doesn't look right. Thank you!


Hobert C., Southern Company

I Have Never Been Disappointed

crane training, mobile crane inspector July 7, 2016

I can say that in every encounter I have had going back a number of years and few different instructors from ITI, I have never been disappointed. Your company has actually been beneficial to my ability to survive the past six years of economic struggles. It was very helpful in finding new work opportunities. Thank you. 

Jim W., Corporate Trainer

A Great Experience

crane training, mobile crane inspector, Devon Beasley July 7, 2016

The visual aids were great and helped with understanding the concepts. The interaction that Devon had with the presentations was excellent and his knowledge and experience was great. There was a lot of time spent on the second day on wire ropes. Overall, a great experience with this course!


Cory B., Handling Engineer
Orbital ATK

I have never encountered an instructor who had so much passion for the material he covered

ITI Canada, master rigger, Richard Marcotte June 16, 2015

My name is Ken Parkes and I just attended your Master Rigger Course in Nisku. This was the best course I've attended. I am a superintendent for Bantrel Constructors and have been put through quite a few training sessions over the last 20 years. I have never encountered an instructor who had so much passion for the material he covered. His knowledge of the material was just as impressive. The man had excellent patience while educating the group and made it fun and involved everyone equally. I was worried that this would be another dry and boring seminar, but realized that when someone instructing has such enthusiasm it truly does affect everyone. Richard Marcotte is the best instructor I've encountered and I look forward to having him teach further courses my union hall sends our members to.

Ken Parkes,  Superintendent, Bantrel Constructors bantrel

You guys are saving lives

jim cox, mike parnell, Critical Lift Planning, Lift Director & Site Supervisor January 9, 2015

Here at FRPD we value relationship and quality and our tag line says a lot about us, “We Set The Standard”. We are certainly not perfect and we recognise that, but we do our best to follow this tag line and continually look for ways to achieve new and higher standard. That’s why we initially started to work with ITI. 

You may ask, why do I say this? Well, I wanted to pass along some comments about the course we just received from Jim Cox, Critical Lift Planning and Lift Director & Site Supervisor Training.

Jim did a “Fantastic” job to represent ITI and help us at achieving our goals. The instructor knowledge and demonstrated skills as a teacher, coach, guide and provider of information was one of the best I have the opportunity to see. As an instructor myself, I learned new teaching skills, confirmed others and was able to see a text book demonstration of what a perfect instructor should be. Yes I learned about the actual course objective, but as a HSE Manager I will rarely be the one performing the planning required in lifting operation, I just wanted to know about the subject.

Every single person that attended this course give me very good feedback. 10 FRPD employees attended this course, the mix was potentially very challenging with some very seasoned (Construction Manager, Superintendent and Engineer) to some very new people that have never even rigged anything. Jim pulled this off like a pro. The investment in this program is worth every single dollar. We are very pleased with ITI's continued outstanding training performance and we look forward to book our next program.   

Mike, this is a credit to you and your team, you guys are saving lives, you are “Setting The Standard”, we appreciate the knowledge, leadership and passion you have.

J.F. Landry, HS&E Manager, Fraser River Pile & Dredge

Richard was Awesome

rigging training, Richard Marcotte, Journeyman Rigger October 23, 2014

Richard was awesome as a teacher. Animated, knowledgeable, entertaining, helpful, and he created a fun environment in which to learn. 

Luis Zamidio, SWFPAC

The Guys Loved the Training

jim cox, rigging training, crane training July 29, 2014

I want to thank you all for letting us hold the crane and rigging course at our shop. In fifteen years, I have heard many promises of training for the shop guys only to never see one realized. I regret I could not attend the whole course, Jim is a very good trainer, and the guys loved the training. I can tell that morale has increased since the course. Now it is up to us to put into practice the learned things. I hope in the future we can get the guys who could not attend to be trained also.

Marcelo Arobba, Guatemala Shop Manager, Elliott Group

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