VR Application and Assessment to attain the NSC Hazard Awareness Certification
Construction Hazard Awareness

VR Application & Assessment

Construction hazards are plentiful, as are the training programs that address them like OSHA-10, online courses, and various internal safety courses.  Practical, immersive assessment of these hazards has not been available until now. 

The VR Construction Hazard Awareness Assessment is a major title in the ITI VR Industrial Skills Library which is delivered through VR Headsets any place your people are! The practical assessment can be administered by nearly anyone and covers 10 risk domains.

OperatorPRO-Icons-Shifts Pre-hire screening Test a candidate's ability to identify hazards on the construction site BEFORE you deploy them in the field.
OperatorPRO-Icons-Dashboard National Certification Being Construction Hazard Awareness Certified helps to assure that your team is in the best position to avoid potential pitfalls.
OperatorPRO-Icons-Evaluations Job Site Orientation Safely and effectively identify and strengthen gaps in your team's knowledge of construction site hazards.
OperatorPRO-Icons-Activities Practice Best Practices Learn best practices for staging equipment, people, and resources on the job site as well as good house keeping measures to create a safer work environment.
Construction Hazard Awareness Assessment

Hazard Awareness Certification

Developed with the participation of the NSC, Bechtel, DPR Construction, GLY Construction, Kiewit, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and United Rentals, the VR Construction Hazard Awareness experience challenges candidates to inspect a jobsite and identify several risk domains including hand tools, lock out/tag out, lifting and rigging, dropped objects, and more.
Construction Hazard Awareness Assessment

10 Risk Domains Assessed

1. Hand Tools
2. Lifting and Rigging
3. Electrical and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
4. Environmental Hazards
5. Confined Space and Hot Work
6. Mobile Equipment and Personnel Interface (MEPI) and Excavations
7. Dropped Object Prevention/Protection
8. Fall Prevention/Protection
9. Scaffolding
10. Industrial Hygiene*


*This may include items such as silica dust and noise.
Construction Hazard Awareness

Development & Hardware

In a January 2020 survey conducted by ITI, with 184 respondents, 67% of all respondents said that their organization would likely rely on a three-five year construction safety certification based on a VR exam, and 75% of managers and owners saw a positive benefit from such a certification.



Construction Hazard Awareness utilizes the HTC Vive Focus Plus VR Headset and Hand Controllers.

Developed by ITI VR in partnership with:

    • Bechtel
    • DPR Construction
    • GLY
    • Liberty Mutual
Construction Hazard Awareness

Certification, Policies & Application

Certification candidates include anyone who is going to be working on or around an active construction site whether novice, journeyman, foreman, architect, electrician, or any other trade and/or role.

There are no prerequisites for the assessment. Training that includes a cross section of topics from OSHA 29 CFR 1926 can be taken by candidates prior to the exam. This training, though not required, is highly recommended.



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