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So you missed a live ITI Webinar session? Don't worry, we have your back!

ITI Webinar Archive

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*Please Note: Some recordings reference ASME P30, B30, and other standards that have since been updated. Be aware of the original recording date within each individual webinar session.


Past Webinars Include:

  • 10 Audit Points for Your Crane & Rigging Operations - An HSE Perspective
  • 10 Points of Lift Plan Development
  • 4 Heavy Lift Challenges in Power Generation Environments
  • 50 Important Crane & Rigging Resources for Your Library
  • 6 Load Handling Knowledge Domains for a Well-Rounded Crane & Rigging Professional
  • ASME B30 & P30 Developments
  • Accidents & Incidents - The Human Part
  • Boom Hoist Wire Rope
  • Bull Rigging - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Crane & Rigging Brain Teasers
  • Crane Setup: Ground Condition Surveys & Stabilization Techniques
  • Effective Crane & Rigging Training Methods for Your Employees
  • Equipment Signaling Series
  • Field Inspection of Wire Rope on a Crane
  • Ground Bearing Pressure: Practical Applications for Lifts of All Sizes
  • Heavy Transport Horror Stories (& Successes Too!)
  • How Studies of Crane Accidents & Trends Lead to a Safer Work Environment
  • How to Manage a Crane Accident
  • Innovation & Complex Lifting Solutions

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