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Training Solutions with ITI

We partner with organizations to assess, transform, and continuously improve their hoisting and material handling activities through our structured methodology, expertise and learning solutions.

Industrial Training International



ITI_Icon_TC_svgAt ITI we exist to serve and learn every day. That simple message drives ALL of our industrial training solutions.  We strive to have a solution for any and all of your training needs; whether it be attending a course at one of our state-of-the-art training centers or implementing ITI Simulations such as our VR crane simulator to help raise a new generation of crane operators, we want to find the solution that fits best for you.

Instructor-Led Training at ITI Training Centers or your location

ITI has been an innovator and pioneer in rigging training for nearly 30 years and conducts more rigging training for corporate clients in North America than any other provider due to its expertise, size of training staff, and deep course curriculum.

Preview the open enrollment course schedule at ITI Training Centers across North America or work with an ITI Training Solutions Advisor to set up a course at your location. Any of our ILT courses can be conducted on-site where an ITI Instructor travels to you, to train your team, on your equipment. Click below to take the first step in achieving your rigging certification online.

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Online & On-demand Training Solutions via ITI Learning Hub

Online-Instructor-Led-Icon-White-180pxThe ITI Learning Hub combines a carefully curated library of over 1000 On-Demand courses with a feature rich learning management system to solve your rigging, hoisting, & crane training needs.

  • • An online learning platform to train and support rigging, hoisting and crane operational requirements.
  • • A curated library of over 1000 On-Demand courses for rigging, hoisting and crane operations.
  • • A training management system with advanced learning management, content creation and robust reporting built in.


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Virtual Reality Training Simulations and Assessments


Industrial Training International is a recognized global leader in crane, rigging, and lift planning related training and certification. Founded over 30 years ago by people whose driving passion is to help others and be good stewards of their gifts.

ITI Simulations partners with some of the biggest names in construction, manufacturing and industrial safety  to deliver the most robust and widely used Industrial Safety Training Simulation Library in the world.

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Consultation and Audits by ITI Technical Services


Experienced Hands and Minds

For more than 30 years, ITI has been renowned for providing the highest quality instruction for industry leaders the world over. In large part, this can be attributed to the experts that make up the ITI Technical Team. With more than 300 combined years of industry experience, ITI Instructors & Consultants have lived what they teach. ITI has delivered its high quality, hands-on training in every U.S. State, eight of ten Canadian Provinces, and on every continent except for Antarctica.

  • Crane and Rigging Accident Investigation: Crane, rigging, and wire rope failure analysis is provided for clients.
  • Procedure Manual Development: Load handling and equipment manuals assist the client by developing and incorporating standard operating procedures for their worksite.
  • Crane and Rigging Performance Evaluations: Evaluations which reveal current status of client operations are compared to recommended improvements.

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Field Reference Tools and Literature at the ITI Bookstore



For over 25 years the ITI Bookstore has been your trusted and tested one stop shop for all things related to industrial safety training.

  • Crane & Rigging Resources & Literature
  • Field Reference Cards and Posters
  • Industrial Safety Tools
  • Inspection Forms
  • Apparel 
  • Training Materials


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Industrial Training International offers NCCCO certification training through preparatory courses and accredited practical examiners. These instructors perform exams at customers’ locations as well as our own training centers. From rigger engineer to overhead crane inspector training, our certification program encompasses a wide variety of training paths. Even currently NCCCO certified individuals can continue to earn additional credentials through our certification courses.

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Why ITI? With Co-Founder Mike Parnell

Mike Parnell speaks about what makes ITI Training an experience like no other...

Instructor Led Training - Open Enrollment


In-Person-Instructor-Led-Blue-2Renowned by many to be the premier crane and rigging training destinations in the world, ITI Training Centers offer students the opportunity for hands-on learning in real world situations.

Mobile Crane Operator - Qualified

Houston Training Center

July 11 - 15

Course Fee: $1,695 | Register

Mobile Crane Operator - Initial

Woodland Training Center

July 11 - 15

Course Fee: $3,095 | Register

Master Rigger

Memphis Training Center

July 18 - 21

Course Fee: $1,995 | Register


ITI was founded by people whose driving passion is to help others and be good stewards of their gifts. Our co-founder became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14 - a rigorous feat that 18-year-old candidates struggle to attain. The tenacity to achieve, work hard, and the desire to help others has formed a company that has continuously exhausted all efforts to lead the world in training skills and providing quality service in order to save the lives and improve the industrial activities of the employers we serve.
We aim to serve organizations like yours that conduct crane, rigging, heavy lift and load handling activities to ensure Safe, Efficient Hoisting and Material Handling Operations



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