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Industrial Training International Sep 23, 2019 8:43:07 AM 2 min read

3 Reasons OperatorPro is the Logbook Solution for Crane & equipment Operators

Cranes and heavy equipment (excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, etc.) are an essential piece to industrial projects of all sizes. No matter if the goal of a project is maintenance, new construction, and/or infrastructure improvements; worksites across the globe are populated with these powerful tools. Classifying cranes and equipment as tools is an important distinction to make and should not be glossed over. By definition, even the most technologically advanced tools in existence are rendered fundamentally useless without a skilled user, or in the case of cranes and heavy equipment, an operator.

OperatorPro was created by crane and equipment operators, and more importantly, for crane and equipment operators because they need a single place to record, track, and access their work experience, skill level, and credentials. With the β€œwhy” firmly established, here are three reasons OperatorPro is the only logbook solution for all crane and heavy equipment operators.

1.) Ease of Use

Logbook and records requirements should never be an additional burden on highly skilled operators. That is why OperatorPro set out to enable the pros out there to focus on what is most important, their work. Log shifts, activities, certifications, and even evaluations on more than 3,000 equipment makes and models in minutes with OperatorPro. All recorded information can be filtered in any way imaginable, no matter what information is needed, it is only a couple finger taps away with OperatorPro!

2.) 99 Problems, but Recording OSHA-Required Operator Evaluations Ain’t One...OperatorPRO-SmartPhone-Evaluations

Request, complete and record required evaluations all within the app! Under OSHA Standard 1926.1427: Crane & Derricks in Construction, crane operators in the United States need to have documented records of evaluations on specific crane makes, models, and configurations if they are used on a job site. Ultimately, the employer is responsible to provide this documentation, available at the work site, while the operator in question is employed by said employer.

By allowing users to take care of all of the OHSA 1926.1427 evaluation requirements with OperatorPro, individual operators can have evaluation documentation in their pocket at all times, (which will make employers everywhere very happy).

3.) Operators, Assemble!

The logbook functions, record keeping, and document center features of OperatorPro demonstrate the app’s value to both operators and employers, but the value stream doesn’t end there.

OperatorPro's networking and connections feature allows users to find out what colleagues are working on and share their work by connecting with others in the community via the OperatorPro Dashboard. Users also have the option to request an evaluation by using the powerful "find an evaluator" search function, and those in a supervisory role can request evaluations from their team.

OperatorPro is now available worldwide in multiple languages on the Apple App Store for all iOS devices and Google Play for Android users. In-app subscription options are available to unlock all options of the application.

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OperatorPro was developed by Industrial Training International, the leader in the crane, rigging, and lift planning educational space since 1986. Download today or learn more at



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