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Industrial Training InternationalFeb 17, 2021 12:28:40 PM< 1 min read

9 Unique Crane Types for Training, Seat Time, Certification Prep and More [Video]

ITI VR and Serious Labs have partnered to deliver the most robust Crane Simulation Library in the world featuring over 1,000 scenarios across 9 crane models to a community of subscribers that benefit with each new crane model, scenario and feature released. With the latest release, the ITI VR Crane Simulator supports the following crane types:

  • Rough Terrain (RT)
  • Down Cab RT
  • Lattice Boom Crawler
  • Carry Deck
  • Boom Truck
  • Cab Operated Overhead
  • Belly Box Operated Overhead
  • Tower Crane
  • Heavy Lift Crawler

Take a look at each crane type in action in the video below. Enjoy!


Let us know what you think in the comments below. If anything from the video looks like it could be a fit for your team, take the next step with our build and price tool...

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