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Industrial Training InternationalFeb 2, 2021 7:15:00 AM4 min read

Structure Compliance Group Brings ITI VR to NYC

Long Island City, New York: Structure Compliance Group has become the newest member of the ITI VR Crane Simulator Community. This unique and innovative training technology now allows Structure Compliance to service a much-needed market for crane training and operator “seat time” in the New York area. Structure’s ITI VR Desktop Crane Simulator will allow for multiple crane types and access to over 250 training scenarios per crane. This will include orientation and tutorial training for cranes, specific lift and qualification style practice scenarios, and a heavy emphasis on National Crane Operator Certification exam preparation.

Patrick “Paddy” Mills, President of Structure Compliance Group, is excited to be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to training and technology. Structure Compliance is a highly respected construction safety company in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Their extensive list of certifications and accreditations warrant them to be among the leaders in New York’s construction safety industry. With accreditations from organizations such as The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), member of the board of Safety Executive of New York (SENY), on the board of Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA), active member of the World Safety Organization, certifications from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), among many other active memberships and accreditations, Structure Compliance group is tremendously well versed in all matters of safety and safety education in New York and across the United States.

Structure Compliance has been sharing their knowledge through construction safety classes for almost a decade, and they know correct safety education can mean the difference between life and death. Addressing specifically how the ITI VR Crane Simulator fits into Structure Compliance's overarching mission, Mills comments, "Structure Compliance is a leader in the construction safety industry in the New York City Metropolitan area. We are delighted to begin our partnership with ITI to bring new innovative technology to the Big Apple in the form of a Virtual Reality Crane Simulator. We are a company that believes in innovation and looking to the future of crane and hoisting training."

He continued, "This VR simulator stood out to us is because of the direction crane operating is taking, with all new cranes in NYC being computerized. Interactive training on a simulator is on the forefront of advanced training. Seat time on the simulator produces a printed evaluation following the session by an unbiased instructor. This will help a company evaluate the operator and feel confident to designate the competent person. Structure compliance feels strongly that the future of all cranes and motorized hoist machines, such as mobile cranes and boom trucks can be greatly advanced by simulator training."

Structure Compliance Group is the name in safety that NYC’s top construction companies trust to ensure safety compliance. With over 30 years of experience and extensive certifications, their team knows the ins and outs of the New York City construction industry. They have provided safety training and oversight for some of the largest construction projects in NYC. Along with their safety classes, they also provide Industrial Hygiene Services, Construction Site Safety Management, Construction Site Plans & Audits, and Crane and Rigging Classes.

On behalf of Structure Compliance, and the industry as a whole, Mr. Mills offers a shrewd summation of how their newest training tool will make a powerful impact...

"We can now offer high quality training supported by participating crane manufacturers, to a company’s workforce to enhance their operating experience before they operate the actual equipment. We specialize in delivering the highest quality training to comply with federal, state, and local standards, and we ensure that we follow the same standards with our technology and innovation.

Unlike other safety companies in New York, our classes are not just reading and writing - they are now visual, interactive, hands-on, practical, and fully immersive. Studies show that engagement with the students in a 'learn by doing' environment helps significantly with retention of what 'not to do' in dangerous circumstances. Time spent in the VR seat will help reduce onsite accidents due to lack of training. The simulator offers a judgement free zone from peers, as opposed to onsite training. There are numerous dangerous distractions that are voided when training is done in the VR simulator instead, bringing many advantages, one being the reduction in cost of accidents.

We are looking forward to introducing NYC to the world of Virtual Reality. Our experienced team is eager to raise the bar in NYC with ITI, our new partner in the crane Industry, and we look forward to safely training future crane operators."

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