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Christina Lanham May 3, 2012 4:24:00 AM 1 min read

5 Reasons Why E-Learning Should Accompany Your Rigging Training

When planning a rigging training program, it is important to ensure that you consider the whole training experience.  If your company is willing to take personnel out of the field for instruction, make sure it is worth the money being invested.

ITI’s blended learning approach is a great way to ensure students receive a well-rounded education that keeps them engaged at every level.  Recently ITI has released the following e-learning courses:

Basic Rigger Intermediate Rigging
Signalperson & Crane Operations Advanced Rigging

These provide another dynamic element to the comprehensive existing rigging programs. 

Students are now able to blend e-learning modules before and after their training programs at ITI Training Centers or programs at their facilities.  So, why do they do so?

  1. The blended learning approach works best as students with a variety of learning styles remain engaged.  With the addition of e-learning, students learn through multiple platforms:  videos, interactive games, instructor-led classroom instruction, and live, hands-on workshops.
  2. E-learning provides an excellent foundation for students new to the field ITI E-Learningof rigging by introducing them to terminology and basic concepts at their personal speed.  This prepares them for attending the training program with greater confidence in their ability to learn the material.
  3. Practice makes perfect!  E-Learning is an ideal solution for courses that involve rigging calculations!  If you have students that are new to calculations or simply need some extra time learning the math behind rigging, ITI’s e-learning options provide similar workshops for your personnel to work through at their own pace.
  4. After attending a program, an e-learning course becomes an excellent tool for reinforcing the skills and concepts learned.  Sometimes a four-day course can go by quickly with a multitude of information – e-learning assists students in retaining the wealth of information presented during the live program.
  5. Lastly, E-learning programs may serve as a study tool in preparation for national certification exams. 

Learn more about ITI E-Learning Here and feel free to contact an ITI Training Solutions Experts today to learn how a blended learning package will work for you, your company, and most importantly, your people.


Respectfully Submitted,

Christina Lanham
Director of Operations
Industrial Training International


Christina Lanham

As Managing Director, Christina is responsible for the oversight of all business operations, personnel and ventures in the UK. She develops and executes the company's business strategies and provides direct support and service to ITI's UK customers.