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Carol Winten Oct 7, 2010 1:02:00 PM 1 min read

Crane and Rigging Pros - This is How the ITI Bookstore has become a One Stop Shop

As most of us at one time or another begin searching wanted items on the web, we often discover the search wasn’t as easy as what we conceived or that we truly didn’t know the best item(s) to search or how to find those items. After all, with all of the resources out there and the technological advances, shouldn’t it be easy to find that Overhead Crane Training Program or that Journeyman Riggers Reference Card?  Though all too often, what we find is an overload of options, some that are not even related to what we want, and/or not specified to our needs.

As we travel down this frustrating path and hopefully find the items for which we were searching, the experience can be exhausting and frustrating. It is these frustrating times that it is always great to find a resource that not only provides you with what you are looking, but also one that offers helpful information to aid you in success.

The ITI Bookstore has specifically intended to alleviate the searching frustration and aid you in finding whatever craning, rigging, or heavy equipment resources needed for improving skill levels, efficiency and safety. With a variety of reference materials and over 280 products, the ITI Bookstore has become a β€˜One Stop Shop’.

In June 2010, Industrial Training International launched a new website allowing for capability to search training, field services, certification, e-learning, and the bookstore all easily accessed by New ways are always being reviewed to provide ease in searching and suitable resources for customers.  If an industry specific product is sought in our bookstore, it is not uncommon for us to aid our customers in their search regardless if we stock the product. As part of the overall experience, the aim is to provide exceptional customer service and exceed expectations. ITI strives to make it an experience worth seeking out!  

β€œThe goal isn't to carry every industrial resource produced; the goal is to provide the best resources available to fit your needs.”