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Karolyn Knott Oct 7, 2010 1:03:00 PM 1 min read

Rigging at Work - this is what I do... and "they" do!

Do you know what an Egyptian roll is? How about bird caging? A 4-leg bridle? Or did you know that a double wrap choker is a type of hitch? I thought it was referring to jewelry, until the world of rigging entered my life here at ITI. Having a trucking background I felt a natural fit to the environment. Little did I realize the terminology would form a whole new language.

Everyone talks to family and friends about what they do at work. But, have you ever really been able to “show” them what you do? That’s where one of the most enjoyable parts of my diverse job comes in.

All the students attending an open enrollment program here at ITI Headquarters in Woodland, Washington receives 2 poster size photos of themselves doing hands-on training. Whether they are inspecting rigging, rigging a load in Mobile Crane Inspector 2 resized 600our Journeyman Rigger course, operating a crane, planning a lift in our Critical Lift Planning course, or learning the ins and outs of inspection in our Mobile Crane Inspector program. Everyone gets to take a little piece of what they did here, back home. Employers get a glimpse of what their employees are learning at our facility, and family gets to see what it is their loved one does day in and day out.

We at ITI take this one more step and publish the course photos on our Facebook page. Check it out at