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Karolyn KnottAug 20, 2018 10:15:06 AM1 min read

How to Do Rigging Engineering Calculations [New Release]

From the author of Rigging Engineering Basics

Rigging Engineering Calculations is the latest resource by Keith Anderson (Author of Rigging Engineering Basics, and Chief Rigging Engineer at Bechtel). A generous "how-to" for calculations required in rigging operations. Using uncomplicated language, principles are broken down for clarification. For convenience, formulas are derived and applied with examples in both metric and imperial systems. 

What is the sag and tension in a suspended line? Is that barge stable? Wind forces? Factors in moving heavy wheeled transports? Reeving? Spreader beams? How to access the capacities of various sling types? So many questions, and even more answers can be at your fingertips in this fresh, new, 200+ page softbound publication.

Mr. Anderson is the Chief Rigging Engineer for Bechtel Corporation; the Program Manager of Industrial Training International's Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering; member of the ASME P30 Committee (Lift Planning Standards); and 1 of only 53 individuals who have received the honor of Bechtel Distinguished Engineer & Scientist, a remarkable distinction for Bechtel's 120+ year history.

Initially written to complement Rigging Engineering Basics, Rigging Engineering Calculations stands strong on its own, or as a supplemental resource for any Rigging Engineer, Lift Planner, Equipment Superintendent, Lead Rigger, or any other key role within the load handling industry.

Rigging Engineering Calculations  ($75.00), is available now from the ITI Bookstore.

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