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Industrial Training InternationalOct 22, 2019 10:14:14 AM1 min read

ITI VR Software Release Q4 2019 has Arrived

ITI VR represents the most robust Crane Simulation Library in the world. That lofty claim can be made in large part because the darn thing grows every few months! It is update season again, and the ITI VR Community is reaping the benefits with the Q4 2019 additions and improvements now live. 

The notion that ITI VR's simulation library is never completely "done," represents its greatest advantage over alternative simulation training options. New cranes, training scenarios, learning paths, and environments are added to the library every few months. In fact, the team is already hard at work on the next update (*Spoiler Alert* - it will include a new crane, Liebherr LR1300 Heavy Crawler). 

Q4 Update Highlights

  • Spanish localization - toggle seamlessly in the launcher between English and Spanish!
  • Gradient swing break feature added to the Tadano mobile crane.
  • Improved tension and reaction of rigging in tutorials and lifts to provide additional precision.
  • Self administration improvements for all those Admins or teams using their simulators at will. A "Quit" button has been added to the main menu to allow users to quickly exit the simulation.
  • Improved realism of crane movement brought by our SMEs and T.A.G group members, including decreased acceleration of Overhead Crane, decreased swing acceleration in the Tower Crane, and decreased movement of the Motion Base chair in VFD Overhead Crane.

Learn more about ITI VR at, or set up a demo at You can even experiment with different hardware combinations to find the perfect setup for your team at


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