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Industrial Training International Jul 16, 2019 1:45:35 PM 1 min read

IUOE 955 Becomes the Sixth Local to Implement ITI VR Crane Simulations

Alberta local is one of the largest in North America

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 955 of Edmonton, Alberta will become the 6th IUOE location to utilize ITI VR Crane Simulators for training. ITI will provide IUOE 955 with an ITI VR Motion Base Simulator Station paired with additional pod options for Carry Deck, Overhead Crane Remote, and Boom Truck to ensure the widest range of crane types are available for Members to train on. IUOE 955 selected to power their ITI VR Crane Simulator Station with an ITI VR Unlimited Subscription by User Plan which provides additional crane models, new scenarios and updates as they are released, at no additional cost to the subscriber.


About IUOE 955

IUOE 955 was established in 1948 and has grown to the largest trade union supporting hoisting and portable, and stationary equipment operators in Alberta with more than 100 Agreements in place. Members span more than 13 industries and range from Crane Operators to Health Care Workers. Education, skills building, and health & wellness are some of the benefits IUOE 955 offers its Members. Find more information on IUOE 955 here:

About ITI VR Simulations

ITI VR encompasses the most widely-used VR crane and equipment operator training and assessment platform the industry has ever seen. ITI VR harnesses the technology of virtual reality and is infused with the technical industry knowledge and educational design of Industrial Training International (ITI) subject matter experts to provide fully immersive, hands-on, practical operator training. Among the suite of crane types available within ITI VR includes Rough Terrain, Lattice Boom Crawler, Boom Truck, Carry Deck, Overhead Crane, and Tower Crane models built exactly to the original equipment manufacturer specifications. The pioneering subscription model allows ITI VR Community members unlimited content updates including, new crane types, training scenarios, and environments as they become available. ITI is a global leader in training and technical services for users of load handling equipment and has been a pioneering force in the load handling industry since 1986.


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