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Mike Parnell Nov 8, 2010 2:03:00 PM < 1 min read

Load Weight Estimation Workshop

Estimating a load’s approximate weight is always an important part of any rigger’s checklist and must be done before choosing the rigging system.

Have some fun and calculate the approximate weight of the items shown on this page.  To help you in your calculations we have reprinted Section 6 of ITI’s Journeyman Rigger’s Reference Card, which details weights of various materials and quick estimation formulas.

Drawings are not to scale.

Load Weight Estimation


Scroll below for answers to the workshop.















Solution - Load Weight Workshop

1) 1,460 steel + 5,280 alum. = 6,740 lbs.

2) 1,966 alum. + 10,032 sludge = 11,998 lbs.

3) 10,240 lbs.

4) 2,880 lbs.

5) 61,440 lbs.

Load weight estimation and several other rigging application topics are discussed in ITI's Intermediate Rigging Training and Master Rigger Training courses.

This is an article from The Professional Rigger newsletter, 1990.