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Mike Parnell Jun 14, 2010 10:11:00 AM < 1 min read

Mobile Cranes with Pains

When considering what to look for during a mobile crane inspection, site supervision should ensure checklists and inspection forms are in use which can help personnel perform their work. If an inspection is not accompanied by a document (sometimes the daily), it is helpful to remind the field folks conducting the review to focus on "MESH"; mechanical, electrical, structural and hydraulic.

M - Mechanical includes everything with linkages which activate or deactivate control devices. A pawl system, foot brakes and clutches, rotating gears, drive chain, sprockets and limit devices are a few examples of M.

E - Electrical connections, wiring, fuses, batteries, sensors, load moment indicators, alarms, contacts and switches all fall into the E group.

S - Structural components like boom sections, outrigger beams and jibs/extensions all qualify for the S family.

H - Hydraulic pistons, hoses, fluid reservoir, filters and seals are in the H category, along with pneumatic items such as air lines and tanks.

Though not a comprehensive list, the above MESH collection can help spot problems and determine if a more in-depth evaluation is necessary, by a qualified person.

Happy trails to my crane and rigging friends,

Mike Parnell
ITI - Field Services