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Industrial Training International Jun 4, 2013 12:43:00 PM 1 min read

“More people are hurt during the crane recovery process than during the accident” – Joe Collins


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“More People are Hurt During the Crane Recovery Process than During the Accident” – Joe Collins

70% of ITI webinar attendees have experienced at least one crane accident.

In the May 2013 episode of the ITI Showcase Webinar Series titled How to Manage Crane Accidents, 270 registrants contributed to thought-provoking poll question results regarding the management of crane accidents as they participated in May 23rd webcast.  

The ITI Showcase Webinar Series is a free, monthly webinar hosted by ITI President/CEO Mike Parnell.  Mr. Parnell, ASME B30 (Cranes & Rigging) Vice Chairman and P30 (Lift Planning) Chairman, and his company have conducted more than 60 accident investigations over the past 25 years.  The May episode of the webinar series featured guest speaker, Joe Collins, Heavy Lift Manager, Becht Engineering. Mr. Collins has over 40 years of experience in Heavy Industrial Construction, specializing in Critical Lift Planning and Execution, built on his long career with Zachry Construction Corporation, with an average fleet size of over 300 cranes. In addition to his role at Becht Engineering, he currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).  

During the introduction of the webinar, attendees were asked how many crane accidents they have experienced during their careers.  The results revealed that 70% of theCrane accidents pie chart   showcase webinar participants have been involved in at least one crane accident.  Making the results even more unsettling was the following statement from Mr. Collins, “More people are hurt during the crane recovery process than during the accident.”  Mr. Collins' presentation emphasized that crane accidents are never planned; however, there should be a plan in place should an accident occur.

When attendees were asked about whichcrane accidents bar graph   showcase webinar type of crane was most used during experiences with crane accidents, the results overwhelmingly indicated - mobile cranes (92%).  Undoubtedly, these results reflect the sheer amount of mobile cranes utilized across all industries.  Regardless of the results, proper training and safety procedures are paramount for all lifting activities.

The presentation concluded with some chilling images of crane accidents on which Mr. Collins was called in to be a consultant.  Although the amount of damage appeared to be irreversible, Mr. Collins reemphasized the importance of planning and procedure whenever a crane accident takes place.



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