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Industrial Training InternationalAug 12, 2016 10:33:08 AM< 1 min read

New E-Learning Courses Available from ITI Online

The ITI E-Learning Division certainly did not take the summer off. New summer developments include, the launch of a new Learning Management Subscription Plan through ITI Online, an Apple Watch and Amazon Echo giveaway for participation in a Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator survey, and two new rigging courses:



For the grand finale, the division decided to add 221 new E-Learning courses. That was not a typo - 221 new courses!

Produced by TPC Training Systems and MARCOM, these courses focus on industrial and plant maintenance, as well as safety. From how to read a blueprint, to hydraulic troubleshooting, to distracted driving, the new courses total over 1,000 hours of training content.

Courses can be purchased individually from the ITI Bookstore or through a subscription with ITI Online.

For a full list of the new courses, follow the links below:




To lean more about ITI Online and to schedule a demo, click here.


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