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Industrial Training InternationalMar 6, 2019 10:03:37 AM1 min read

New ITI Office - United Kingdom

Birmingham, United Kingdom will be Industrial Training International’s (ITI) operational headquarters of its new subsidiary, ITI UK.  This office will manage the sales and services for customers in the UK from instructor-led training to virtual reality (VR) simulations (request a demo).  ITI has appointed Christina Lanham as the Managing Director.  She most recently served as the Director of Operations for ITI.

Motivation to incorporate in the UK, including a physical presence, is driven by a large percentage of the skilled labor pool leaving the workforce as they reach retirement age. As younger generations begin to replace their older counterparts, it is essential that they are given every opportunity, including proper training, to ensure that there is no drop in skill level. According to ITI CEO Zack Parnell, "We are thrilled to be bringing our training solutions to the UK in our pursuit to help employers eliminate the industrial skilled labor gap."

ITI, a privately-held company with offices in Washington and Texas and ten (10) training centers throughout North America. The new UK office will seek to employ office and sales staff as well as trainers.

ITI is a world leader in crane and slinging training and consulting and has over 30 years of experience pioneering the industry with courses that are demanded by customers interested in increased skills and knowledge, as opposed to solely regulation-driven training.  Learn more at


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