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Grant Winters Jul 13, 2020 11:19:57 AM 1 min read

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Showcases How They Train Using the ITI VR Crane Simulator


Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) recently featured their use of the ITI VR Crane Simulator in the NNSYBroadcast channel on YouTube. The fifth episode of the Shipyard Pickers series involved a visit to the NNSY Technology and Innovation Lab which utilizes the ITI VR Crane Simulator as part of the training process for crane operators. In this program, operators can enhance their skills by practicing and training with active signals, via access to over 200 different scenarios. The selection includes training corridors, control functions, and learning style activities such as hook and pole exercises, and barrel challenges, as well as simulated lifts.

Earlier this year, NNSY became the fourth US Naval Shipyard to incorporate ITI VR Crane Simulators into its crane operator training and assessment program. Norfolk has implemented two VR Motion Base and two VR Desktop stations along with the ITI VR Unlimited subscription plan enabling the shipyard to benefit from all crane models in the library, as well as all future updates and new crane models as they are released.

The US Navy has relied on ITI and its training solutions since the late 1980s. ITI has provided naval personnel from around the world with training in a variety of load handling subjects including Rigging Applications, Mobile, Pedestal and Bridge Crane Operations, Rigging Gear Inspection, and Accident Investigation. The long-standing training relationship prompted the US Navy to incorporate the cutting-edge technology that is ITI VR Crane Sim.

Take a moment to view the video below - we think you'll like what you see! To learn more about what ITI's VR Crane Simulators can do for your organization contact us at