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Industrial Training International Oct 7, 2019 10:43:46 AM 1 min read

OperatorPro Available on Android Devices via Google Play

To track shifts, activities and OSHA-required Operator Evaluations

Available today on Google Play, OperatorPro offers the opportunity for crane and heavy equipment operators to say goodbye to their paper logbooks forever. The mobile application allows users quick access to their complete operator history at the touch of a button. Powered by an intuitive interface and experience, OperatorPro users can log shifts, activities, equipment configurations, and notes with ease. 

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With ease of access in mind, new users have the option to create their profile using existing social accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook), or through a work or personal email address. Once a user is set up, he or she has the option to build out their profile further with the following available, add a profile picture, company and contact information, and the opportunity to upload relevant documents (certification cards, evaluation documents, etc.). Thanks to a simple, yet powerful navigation interface, OperatorPro users are always just a tap away from the information they need with one-touch selections for:

  • Dashboard
  • Shifts
  • Activities
  • Evaluations

OperatorPro comes pre-loaded with more than 3,000 equipment makes and models, so operators are always covered, no matter if they are moving dirt, setting trusses and everything in-between. Logging shifts, and within shifts, specific operator activities (multi-lift, assembly, disassembly, earthwork, even VR simulator practices sessions), is as smooth as it is painless. All operator shift and activity information can be filtered by a date range, by keywords, or both! Operator info is securely backed up via cloud storage, so misplacing, or spilling coffee on the ol' paper logbook are worries that can be left behind. With OperatorPro, all documentation requirements put forth by OSHA 1926.1427 (Cranes & Derricks in Construction), and other regulatory "seat time" obligations are covered, so operators can focus 100% of their attention on the job at hand.

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OperatorPro was developed by Industrial Training International, the leader in the crane, rigging, and lift planning educational space since 1986.


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