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Mike Parnell Jul 15, 2010 7:38:00 AM < 1 min read

Rigging Quiz: Can you identify 5 hazards in this photo?

Look over the image carefully and identify at least five hazards.

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  1. Eye bolts are not properly seated.
  2. Eye bolt orientation should be aligned to the hoist hook, not broadside.
  3. Hook loading of sling “legs” is less than 45 deg. from horizontal, resulting in tip loading. (Sling is rigged less than a 90 deg. full included angle.)
  4. There is a dual or compound load at the eye bolts created by the sling’s leg and the horizontal portion. (Similar to the forces experienced by a rigging block.)
  5. An open basket hitch in this application can allow load running or unrestricted movement. (Sling damage can occur, especially friction/heat resulting in a melted sling and dropped load.)

Note: A quick field sketch below offers a long-term alternative.

Answer Key Picture resized 600

Happy trails to my crane and rigging friends,

Mike Parnell, ITI – Field Services