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Mike Parnell Feb 9, 2011 10:41:00 AM < 1 min read

Rigging Training Workshop: Lift and Turn

A fairly simple method to upright a load is to lift with a crane while moving horizontally. In our March 1996 Issue, we discussed the use of a step block to help avoid "flop-over" or shock load if the load's CG passes its tipping axis. In this workshop you are asked to determine the loading in all five stages of lifting.

Study Panel 2 of the Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card. See how the illustrations on this page relate to the information on the rigging card.


Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card Panel 2:

Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card


Determine the loading in pounds for each of the following (answers below):

rigging workshop


Happy trails to all my crane and rigging friends,
Mike Parnell
ITI-Field Services

P.S.  This article was originally published in The Professional Rigger Newsletter - Lift and Turn.


Workshop Answers:

lift&turn answers