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Jacklynn BurbankNov 18, 2019 10:18:09 AM2 min read

The Skilled Labor Shortage: Bridging the Gap

The skilled labor shortage in heavy industry is a reality that is beginning to make an impact the world over. To address this growing issue, there are a couple of options.

1)  Rant and rave about the issue over 4 cups of coffee

2)  Work collaboratively towards a viable solution

At ITI, we like to believe that we are actively working toward option #2, by working with Lift and Move USA, SC&RA, and others, to get interest generated in and around the space we operate in every day. It all started with a conversation and then continued to take action(s), but for future generations, it just might take more of a hook. ITI has concluded that the medium of modernized online learning and virtual reality (VR) training options are a potential aide in bridging knowledge and skills gaps with younger generations. These tools have a chance to prove invaluable as a generation of skilled workers leave the active workforce.

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Investment is something that we need to feel and then equally give back; right? So, are we truly investing in the younger counterparts that we want to be coming through the ranks and become the workforce of the future? Once value is placed on training and recruiting we can identify a few things that offer a chance to relate to potential employees. They may be coming out of school with no knowledge of the jobs and skills needed across heavy industry, and part of our job to inform and educate when it comes to the opportunity available and the skills required to make the most of those opportunities.

“The Future” – it seems to have arrived faster than anticipated, right? Industry is in a constant state of change and evolution and subsequently, so is training. At ITI we like to think that is our area of expertise, training. VR is a relatively new, and definitely engaging delivery method (and in turn, an enjoyable experience) for training. We not only want to provide the best training experience possible for our current students, we also want to show future generations that careers in the crane and rigging space can be rewarding. How do you put a young, non-skilled employee on a construction site without serious safety risks? VR is one scalable way to make it possible, and hopefully will continue to be one way to bridge the gap to “the future.”

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Jacklynn Burbank

Aside from vocational training and helping others, Jacklynn has a true passion for fishing. Although she is drawn to all types of fishing, of particular interest is salmon trolling and deep sea fishing in Southeast Alaska, where she resided before relocating to Southwest Washington.