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Lift Planning & Management

Applicable subject matter for all personnel involved in hoisting and material handling operations
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Lift Planning & Management Training

ITI Lift Planning and Management Training is applicable to a wide range of personnel, from health and safety professionals to tradesmen in the field. Under the broader category of Lift Planning & Management, courses are further classified into the following sub-categories:

Lift Planning

ASME P30.1 establishes planning considerations and practices that apply to Load Handling Equipment (LHE), other associated equipment, and activities when moving loads vertically or horizontally. The planning guidance contained in this Standard is divided into two categories dependent upon the nature of the load handling activity and the degree of exposure to the issues that impact safety. These two categories are designated as Standard Lift Plan and Critical Lift Plan. The Standard does not preclude the user of this standard from creating subcategories based on their specific load handling activity considerations.


ITI Lift Planning Curriculum includes options for personnel of all skill and experience levels that are involved or even adjacent to the lift planning process... 

Course Titles & Additional Resources

Lift Planning

Lift Planning Bootcamp

ITI Management Bootcamp Courses are hard hitting, highly focused sessions specifically designed for management/supervisory personnel in the load handling industry.

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1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site

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Lift Director & Critical Lift Planning

ITI's Lift Director and Critical Lift Planning Course is a "must" for all team members connected to the lift planning process. The Lift Director portion of the course addresses the responsibilities of a Lift Director as identified by 29CFR1926.1400 (Federal OSHA), ASME P30.1 Lift Planning and ASME B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes.

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3 Days | Training Center | Client-Site

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Project Execution for Lift Planners

offers students an in-person, interactive option to collaborate and develop engineered lift plans alongside other students and ITI Rigging Engineering Instructors.


2 Days | Training Center | Client-Site

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Course Titles & Additional Resources

Equipment & Fleet Management

ITI Equipment and Fleet Management courses and content focus not only on the setup, traveling, and general management of cranes, but also non-crane equipment typically found on any industrial site.

Crane & Rigging Management Bootcamp

The Crane and Rigging Management Bootcamp will provide all attendees with the foundational knowledge necessary to oversee employees conducting load handling activities. The session is an ideal learning environment for safety managers/professionals, training managers, and procurement personnel with a limited background when it comes to cranes and rigging.

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1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site | Simulcast

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Crane Assembly & Disassembly Director

ITI's Assembly and Disassembly (A/D) for Mobile Cranes Course addresses the assembly and disassembly of lattice boom cranes as required by 29CFR1926.1400. As a supplement to this course, ITI also involves participants in the A/D work related to jibs and boom extensions for hydraulic, telescoping type cranes.


2 Day | Training Center | Client-Site 

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Forklift Operator

Our 1-day Forklift Operator Program is designed to increase the participant’s level of knowledge of proper and efficient forklift operation and meet the training requirements as defined under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178. Written testing and hands-on evaluations will be administered. Those operators who successfully pass will receive qualification that is valid for 3 years.


1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site 

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Forklift Inspector

Our 1-day Forklift Inspection Program is designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skill necessary to inspect and evaluate the condition of the forklift as required by OSHA 1910.178, ASME B56.6, and current industry standards.


1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site 

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Operator

Our 1-day Mobile Elevated Work Platform Program is designed to increase the participant’s knowledge of proper and efficient elevating work platform operations. Written testing and hands-on evaluations will be administered for an independent boom style lift. Those operators who successfully pass will receive qualification that is valid for 3 years.


1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site 

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Inspector

Our 1-day Aerial Lift Inspector Program is designed to increase the inspector’s knowledge, skill, and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training. Written exams and hands-on evaluations will be administered. Those inspectors who successfully pass will receive qualification that is valid 3 years for in-house inspections only.


1 Day | Training Center | Client-Site 

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Course Titles & Additional Resources

Site Prep & Hazard Recognition

Proper preparation of a work site and the ability to recognize and identify potential hazards is paramount to safe, efficient material handling operations. Luckily for you, the following courses and content are available from ITI to help guide your team!

  • Accident Investigation
  • Severe Weather
  • Wind Loads
  • Ground Prep
  • Suspended Personnel Platforms
  • Working At-Heights

Accident Investigation for Cranes, Rigging, and Material Handling Operations

The ITI Accident Investigation Course begins with a series of workshops that focus on three disciplines related to load handling; crane operations, rigging activities and forklift operations. Problem-solving workshops help solidify participants' understanding and knowledge concerning equipment set-up, proper application, capacity information, inspection, hazard recognition and operational safety.

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Severe Weather Effects on Crane Operations

Severe Weather Effects on Crane Operations is designed to address how environmental factors, specifically weather, can impact crane operations. The course modules consist of narrated videos, reference materials, and interactive elements intended to solidify key learning objectives.

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Wind Loads & Forces Pertaining to Cranes & Lifting Activities

45 Mins | Lecture from the Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering online program.

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Ground Bearing Pressure: Practical Applications for Lifts of All Sizes

1 Hour | Jim Jatho, Buckner Companies provides practical guidelines for ground bearing pressure before making lifts.

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Suspended Personnel Platform Trained User

4 Hrs | This online course is designed to train the student to plan safely and efficiently for the use of the suspended personnel platform in a lift.

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Working At-Heights Around Mobile Cranes

30 Mins | Plan for success when working at-height around mobile cranes with this online course. Students will learn the importance of manufacturer provided devices and installed hardware to prevent falls, and when to use them.

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Soft Skills & Field References

Soft skills and soft skill training are terms that are growing in favor when it comes to professional development. Courses and content that fall under the "soft skills" umbrella focus on developing skills such as communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and taking initiative. 



  • Leadership
  • Evaluation Best Practices

Field Leadership Essentials

4 Hrs | This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully prepare and lead a crew performing work in the field, and the ability to communicate effectively with the customer. This engaging and practical online, on-demand course is divided into two sections, with three modules per section. Each module contains a clearly defined learning objective and provides you with several active opportunities to demonstrate comprehension by means of interactive audio, visual, and written content and exercises.

Mobile Crane Operator Evaluator

4 Hrs | In this online course, participants will learn about the Mobile Crane Operator Evaluator role as described in 29CFR 1926.1427.

Course Contents

  • Federal OSHA 1926 Subpart CC
  • Sample Evaluation Form
  • Operator Aides
  • Software
  • Safety Devices
  • Reference Materials


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