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ITI offers a variety of courses preparing students seeking to obtain their nationally accredited NCCCO certifications across different disciplines. These certification prep classes cover the specifics of mobile crane certification, ITI certification, rigging test prep, lift directing, and more courses offered in person and virtually.

Our available catalog of training courses can be delivered at your location, ITI Training Centers, on-demand, and online through the ITI Learning Hub.

Featured Instructor-Led Training Courses

Our instructor-led classes are run by actual field experts with decades of experience between them. These instructor-led courses are offered through each of our national training centers, but we can also accommodate instructor-led training at your location. Courses can also be conducted through virtual methods.

Register for instructor-led training courses at one of our local training centers listed below, or find a training center nearer to home.


NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Prep

3 Days | ITI offers a Mobile Crane Operator Course with NCCCO Nationally Accredited Certification testing. The course includes a 3-day test prep to ensure mobile crane operators are prepared to take the NCCCO nationally accredited exams.


Mobile Crane Inspector - Qualified

4 or 5 Days | Mobile Crane Inspector focuses on spotting the problems and identifying the damage that can be discovered through external evaluation. It addresses MESH (mechanical, electrical, structural, and hydraulic) components.


Master Overhead Crane Technician Level III

4 Days | This fast-paced course will only briefly cover crane electronics, motor design, and VFD construction. The focus of this training is advanced circuit diagnosis and troubleshooting.


Mobile Crane Operator - Initial

5 Days | This course is designed for those who have little or no experience with mobile crane operation. The course helps establish good operating practices for the participant while gaining seat-time and real-life operating experience. Participants will conduct pre-operational inspections of hydraulic cranes.


Overhead Crane Technician Intermediate - Level II

3 Days | The Overhead Crane Technician Level II Course is truly one of a kind. This extensive course covers the major aspects of cranes, electronics, motors, variable frequency drives, encoders, brakes, and connections and circuit diagnostics.


Mobile Crane Operator Skills Building

5 Days | The ITI Mobile Crane Operator Course is designed to increase the crane operator’s knowledge, skill, and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training. Students can achieve qualified operator status by successfully completing written and hands-on assessments.



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