NCCCO Rigger Certification training

NCCCO Certified Rigger Level I & II Prep

 2.5 Days | $1,295

The 2.5-day rigger Prep Course is designed to prepare candidates to take the NCCCO Rigger I and Rigger II Written Certification Exams. Subjects covered are listed below.

The Prep Course is followed by the NCCCO Written and Practical Certification Exams starting in the afternoon on Day 3.


Course Schedule

Day 1-2: Classroom Prep
Day 3 (a.m.): Classroom Prep
Day 3 (p.m.): NCCCO Rigger Level I Practical Exams
Day 4 (a.m.): NCCCO Rigger Level I Practical Exams
Day 4 (p.m.): NCCCO Rigger Level I & II Written Exams
Day 5: NCCCO Rigger Level II Practical Exams


1 Day | $595

NCCCO identified the following job duties for Rigger Level I certification:

A Certified Rigger Level I can perform simple, repetitive rigging tasks when the load weight, center of gravity, rigging, and rigging configuration are provided or known by the rigger through experience or knowledge of:

  • Inspecting rigging before use
  • Identifying and attaching rigging with basic knowledge of hitch configurations, capacities, and basic knots
  • Recognizing associated hazards
  • Signaling operations
  • Using various types of rigging equipment and basic hitches and their applications


1 Day | $595

NCCCO identified the following job duties for Rigger Level II Certification:

A Certified Rigger Level II can select rigging components and procedures based on rigging capacity. A Rigger Level II can perform the following rigging tasks unsupervised:

  • Estimate load weight and center of gravity
  • Identify lift points
  • Determine and select rigging based on loading
  • Perform pre-use inspection of rigging and lift points
  • Identify and attach rigging with knowledge of hitch configurations and load angle factors, rigging capacities, and load integrity
  • Understand load dynamics and associated hazards
  • As applicable, Level II Riggers will also have a working knowledge of hoisting equipment, winches, jacks, industrial rollers, and similar equipment

Industrial Training International endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and provides training to prepare candidates for NCCCO examinations.

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