Really have enjoyed the level 1-3 Inspectors courses

jim cox, Bob Schumacher November 12, 2012
Both Bob (Schumacher) and Jim (Cox) are excellent instructors. I have learned a wealth of knowledge to bring back to my work place. Hope to continue taking part in some of the ITI courses.
Kevin Duffy, National Defence, Canada

Devon's experience and knowledge of rigging gear is outstanding

Devon Beasley June 15, 2012

I really enjoyed the rigging gear inspector level one and two class. Devon's experience and knowledge of rigging gear was outstanding.

William Viltz, Naval Undersea Warfare Center San Diego

Jim Cox is a great instructor

jim cox May 16, 2012

The time I attended an ITI training class was in Washington, and it was for my Level II Rigging Inspector. The instructor was Jim Cox. Jim is a great instructor. He keeps the class focused on the subject that he was presenting to us at the time. Hope that Jim will be the instructor again. Great guy. I hope to attend another course this fall.

Johnny Chavez, Los Alamos National Labs

Jim Cox is a great instructor

jim cox, Mazzella April 24, 2012

Jim Cox is a great instructor in that he can keep your attention and makes it intresting to gather the information we all need. Thanks Jim.

Les Dyson, Mazzella Lifting Technologies

I am always eager to attend an ITI training opportunity

jim cox, Mazzella April 23, 2012

I am always eager to attend an ITI training opportunity. I enjoy the style and flow of Jim Cox's presentations and always pick up another point that I have not ascertained prior. I am a level II and have been for 4 classes. I plan on attending the Level 3 training in July, provided I get my Dad's blessing.

Larry Petkovsek, Mazzella Lifting Technologies

Devon is a great instructor

Devon Beasley April 18, 2012

Devon was a great instructor. He kept the class going with a relaxed feel. Looking foward to a recert class in 3 years.

Byron Watson, Idaho Power

The Best Rigging Training I've ever Received!

jim cox, AREVA January 9, 2012

The best Rigging training I've ever received! Look forward to passing on what I learned to our team. Jim Cox is an excellent instructor.

Nathan McBee
Nuclear Services Training Specialist



kamtech December 23, 2011

Awesome! When you think you have good knowledge of Rigging you discover much more. Job well done ITI.

Mike Wightman, Kamtech

Jim Cox is an Excellent Instructor

jim cox, master rigger December 22, 2011

Jim Cox is an excellent instructor, communicator. The program content and delivery was well executed.

Dr. Gregory Yawson
Gremkay International, LLC

Didn't Want ITI Course to End

jim cox, master rigger, Michael Johnson December 22, 2011

I was sorry to see the course come to an end.  I'd like it to be longer.*

Jacob Howlett
Wilson Construction Co.

*Regarding ITI Instructors Jim Cox and Michael Johnson

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