A Great Experience

crane training, mobile crane inspector, Devon Beasley July 7, 2016

The visual aids were great and helped with understanding the concepts. The interaction that Devon had with the presentations was excellent and his knowledge and experience was great. There was a lot of time spent on the second day on wire ropes. Overall, a great experience with this course!


Cory B., Handling Engineer
Orbital ATK

We Could Not Have had a Better Leader

Devon Beasley June 14, 2013

Devon is an excellent instructor.  Based on his professionalism, experience and ability, we could not have had a better leader.

Ray Terzick, CITGO Maintenance Training Coordinator

Devon's experience and knowledge of rigging gear is outstanding

Devon Beasley June 15, 2012

I really enjoyed the rigging gear inspector level one and two class. Devon's experience and knowledge of rigging gear was outstanding.

William Viltz, Naval Undersea Warfare Center San Diego

Devon is a great instructor

Devon Beasley April 18, 2012

Devon was a great instructor. He kept the class going with a relaxed feel. Looking foward to a recert class in 3 years.

Byron Watson, Idaho Power

Devon Beasley's Field Knowledge is Unmatched

Devon Beasley December 15, 2011

Devon Beasley's experience and knowledge is unmatched by anyone I've met in the field.  I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge and making sure the students understand the course of study.

Ron Urban
Pueblo Chemical Depot

Devon Beasley is a Great Instructor

Devon Beasley December 15, 2011

Devon is a great instructor.  Very engaging.  His classes are never boring or slow paced.  Perfect for the beginner all the way up to the engineers.

Thank you ITI

Brenda Franklin

Devon Beasley is a Wealth of Knowledge

Devon Beasley December 2, 2011

Just wanted to let you guys know how much we appreciated attending Devon’s class on crane inspections this week. As you know he is a wealth of knowledge and his commitment toward safety in the work place was well recognized and is very admirable.

Looking forward to next time.

Larry Markee
Crane Technical Specialist

Department of Labor & Industries

Every Single Employee has Enjoyed the Rigging Training

Devon Beasley June 17, 2010
The first round of mobile crane training has been completed here at the Sherco Generating Station. Devon Beasley has done an outstanding job of engaging our employees in both classroom and hands on training. I can honestly tell you that we hire in trainers, for all kinds of different purposes and what stands out the most with this training is the feedback that I am getting from the employees. Every single one of them at some point during the week have come to my office to express, how well Devon translates the training data into useful, meaningful, easy to understand, information.

On behalf of Xcel Energy - Sherco, I would like to thank Devon and ITI for the first class operation that they provide to us. We look forward to continued business relations now and in the future.


Keith D. Jackson
Xcel Energy
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